Phase-Lock Basics, Second Edition. William F. Egan

Phase-Lock Basics, Second Edition

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Phase-Lock Basics, Second Edition William F. Egan ebook pdf
Language: English
Page: 441
ISBN: 0470118008, 9780470178713


Mr. Egan is uniquely qualified to present this textbook course on PLLs... -- Microwaves & RF magazine, January 2008

From the Back Cover

A versatile and useful introduction to phase-locked loops—now in an updated edition

Phase-Lock Basics is a broad-based, hands-on text, designed to be both easy to understand and easy to customize. When used with MATLAB® simulation software, the book becomes a virtual laboratory for working professionals who want to improve their understanding of the design process and apply it to the demands of specific situations. The text can also be used as a theoretical introduction for graduate students. The description of second-order phase-locked loops is very thorough, covering all practical variations with formulas, graphs, worked examples, problem sets, and MATLAB® simulation exercises, which form a basis for understanding more complex loops. Features include:

Description of loop components, stability, responses,and performance in the presence of noise

MATLAB® simulation software and other design aids writtenexplicitly to correspond with the text

Access to an ftp site that corresponds with the textso that curves can be downloaded, duplicated, or modified

Scores of multicurve figures that illustrate various loop responses

A summary of acquisition formulas for second-order loops

Analysis and response curves for an important class of third-order loops

A four-page table of CW, AM, and FM signals in multiple representations

This Second Edition also includes new material on loop operation in noise, including a chapter on band-limited noise with MATLAB® scripts that enable the reader to duplicate and expand simulations. Phase-Lock Basics, Second Edition is an important reference for professional analog and digital circuit designers and also provides a complete and satisfying learning experience for graduate-level electrical engineering students.

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